The brand PROMOGUIDESIENA  was born in 2011, when a small group of professional licensed tourist guides, colleagues and friends decided to join their forces, ideas and competences. At that time we had already had a more than 10-year-long working experience in tourism.

Since ever, our team aims to meet the most different needs of our guests:
- a family with children needs contents and a timing that differ very much from what a group of adults requires;
- an educational tour is perfect for school students, but not for a couple or a group of friends who maybe have specific interests in the local traditions;
- some people desire to know each detail, while some other prefer to get just an overview.

Each of us contributes with her own personality and skills:
Mariangela was born in Siena; thanks to her long experience as President of the Associations of Guides of the city, she is mainly involved in the organizational and logistical aspects.
Luise has an international background: born and raised in Germany, where she got a French education, she has lived in Italy for 25 years and she is an interpreter and translator.
Lisa has lived in Tuscany since she was a child; she is a specialized Art-historian and has been a teacher of Italian language and culture.