THE DAYS OF PALIO – Experiencing the horse race event

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Palio is the most famous event in Siena. The horse race takes place on the main square, Piazza del Campo, on July 2nd and August 16th. The festival begins four days before, when the horses are assigned to the Contradas and the trial races begin. In town there is a growing emotion for the final race. You can breath it, it is in the air.

With this tour we will lead you into the groove, to meet the spirit of the festival, to know the rituals, to get close to the real life of our "Contradaioli". It is another world!

The horses lottery, the trial races, the Contrada dinners, the horse blessing, the historical parade, the Palio final race, our guide will show you all this and what happens soon after. The winning district uses to sing the Te Deum in the church after the race. The sound of the drums and the coloured flags invade the town : it is the beginning of a long lasting celebration.

Let your needs meet our competence for living a unique experience.

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