28 September 2018
28 September 2018

The history of San Gimignano is linked to saffron and wine since the Middle Ages, when the town was one of the most powerful in Tuscany. Saffron was used by cloth dyers and it was so precious that it was even used as current money. San Gimignano was an important producer of saffron, that was one of the main reasons for the economical success of the city. The city importance in the past is clearly shown by its famous towers and its beautiful monuments. Saffron is now mainly used for cooking, but it is still very expensive. In the last years the saffron produced in San Gimignano got the official DOP label. Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a DOCG labelled wine and it is a real exception in Tuscany, where the most famous wines are red wines. In this tour we will tell you the interesting story of San Gimignano and let you know it through the senses of taste and sight.

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