26 September 2018
26 September 2018

This is a slow tour through the contryside, in an area where beauty is made of contrasts. The grey clay hills known as Crete senesi meet the green woody hills close to a little river. In the middle of a green oaks wood a little village looks like a gem. There we will go, to explore the quite unknown but meaningful treasures of this land, which is far from the tourist crowds. A few Ancient buildings, Cacciaconti castle and Sant'Andrea church in Trequanda, the “Grancia” In Montisi, the Castello and San Pietro church in San Giovanni d'Asso, tell us the story of important persons and of the common people. We will concentrate on them, exploring the places where they had lived and retracing their everyday life. Some people here still do the ancient jobs. We will visit a Terracotta craftsman shop in Trequanda. In Petroio a whole museum is dedicated to the Terracotta production, that has a very long tradition in this area. A farmer will host us in his house, letting us try the genuine oil and the sweet honey he makes. Forget the famous labelled wines here, the one you are tasting is the true home made Vino del Contadino!
Suggested entrances: Terracotta Museum

Tour duration:

full day

This tour is perfect for:

Individuals, Families

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